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Your safety is our mission.

Riding a motorcycle is the most exciting way to enjoy the open road in front of you. The Ducati promise unto you is to ensure the safety of the riders to the maximum. How can safely ride a motorcycle can achieve our goals only good plan because it varies.

The first appointment is a political effort. As a member of the Domestic and International Motorcycle Manufacturers Association (ANCMA and ACEM), we are the government and to promote in order to look for motorcycles with the current and future transportation assets, the company and the motorcycle riders to grow steadily which seeks to render a decision.

The second is a promise that you like best. Ducati that can be tilted to the right a little effort to reduce the huge number of motorcycle accidents are familiar. Ducati has created a DRE to enjoy the sport safely ride over the last 10 years. A way to better control and maintain your bike through the DRE and widely disseminated.

Finally, a technological promise. To be able to minimize the damage to those for accident prevention of accidents, and has developed continually to the two aspects of the technology. Bikes are easier to handle and gives a sense of security so that the rider can control well. This is not only the joy of riding, and improved to safety. Bikes are equipped with advanced systems such as ABS and traction control has increased significantly the standards of safety.

Note Read this section carefully and make promises you a safe and enjoyable riding Please only with Ducati.