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New - V4 Speciale


* The images and specifications may differ from the actual model in accordance with the national laws, regulations and specifications for sale.

The Feast of the Italian Symphony

The Feast of the Italian Symphony The new Panigale V4 Specheare is a concept of Italian sports bikes, ending the category of sports motorcycles and leading them to the extreme. Ducati Performance for 226 hp Ducati Performance Titanium Racing Muffler, Carbon and Aluminum Parts, including the exclusive and symbolic Ducati's River Rigas Espace Aire. The new Panicelare V4 Spéciale is produced in limited quantities around the world, with a unique serial number for each motorcycle. Detail has created a difference that can not be followed by anything. The three-color reverb, screen printed Ducati logo, serial number, billet steering plate and ultra-suede seat covers make the Spéciale more unique and compelling.